Richard F 'Dick' Brauer Jr

Name: Richard F 'Dick' Brauer Jr., Colonel, USAF (Ret).

Address: 24 Country Club Road.
City: SHALIMAR, Florida. USA. 32579.
Phone: 850-651-8380.
Service No: 020-32-3800.
Category: Navigator. (USAF Rating: Master Navigator - 5200 hours).
36 Squadron USAF Exchange Officer ~ SEP71-DEC73. Prior to this: 50th Tactical Airlift Squadron (TAS), PACAF, CCK AB, Taiwan, SEP66-MAR68; 39th TAS (TAC), Lockbourne AFB, OH, APR68-AUG71.
HQ 9th Air Force (TAC), Exercise Plans, Shaw AFB, SC, JAN74-AUG74; Det 1, MOBSS (MAC), Airlift Exercise Plans, SEP74-DEC76; 8th Special Operations Squadron (SOS), Chief of Plans, Hurlburt Field, FL, JUN77-DEC78; 1st Special Operations Wing, Chief, Weapons and Tactics, JAN79--SEP80; Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), Ft Bragg, NC, J-3Air, OCT80-JUL83; Joint Special Operations Agency (JSOA), PSYOP Branch, Pentagon, Washington, DC JUL84-MAY85; Joint Staff, PSYOP Division, Pentagon, Washington, DC, JUN85-FEB86; Commandant, USAF Special Operations School (USAFSOS), Hurlburt Field, FL, MAR86-APR91.
  Whale Shark Dive, Yucatan (Mexico), July 2010  
C-130 E/A/H/MC-130E Combat Talon; USAF Undergraduate Navigator Training Course (1966); USAF Squadron Officer School (1970); Armed Forces Staff College (1977); Air Command and Staff College (1978); Army War College - graduated w/honours (1984); All USAF Special Operations School (USAFSOS) course offered between 1977-1991.
Shark Diving and underwater photography; Military History (Aviation and Naval, especially WWII- Pacific Theatre); Reading/Writing (short stories); and model aircraft.
In Oct-Nov 2007 I was on an eight-day Great White Shark diving expedition (my fourth) off Isla Guadalupe, Mexico with Ron and Valerie Taylor, world-renowned Australian under water stars and shark diving experts.  Sitting at their dinner table for meals, I got to know them very well. One night I hung a large Australian flag (I had brought for the occasion) over the nearby bar, gave an after- dinner speech highlighting my exchange tour with 36 Squadron and proposed a toast to our greatest ally - Australia. I then made Ron and Val 'Honorary US Special Operators' and presented both of them with black T-shirts that displayed all the unit emblems of the joint service (Army, Navy, USAF and USMC) special operations units in the US military. Valerie was in tears by the time I finished and can be seen wearing her shirt in a photo above as we shared an 'adult beverage' after dinner.  This was an experience of a lifetime for me as a shark diver ….. to be with the couple who started it all with the movie 'Blue Water-White Death.' I took my wife Lynn to see that very movie on the afternoon we were married in July 1971 before we reported to RAAF Richmond a few weeks later. She has never 'forgiven' me for it!
Profile Date: 31 August, 2009.
Updated: 27 September, 2010.